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James Kramer: Wynwood & Roosevelt

kramer 4SM

My name is James Kramer. I have lived on the corner of Wynwood and Roosevelt Road for five years. I signed a petition to have my property rezoned from residential to commercial because I believe commercial is the best use for land that abuts a state highway. The planning commission has had our petition for 6 months without making a decision. The land owners who petitioned the government have a right to due process which is being denied. We asked a simple yes-or-no question and we deserve a yes-or-no answer in a timely manner.

It’s my opinion that the planning commission is stacked with anti-growth shills from the Political Action Committee Winfield United who are blocking our application for their own personal reasons. I don’t think they have the best interests of Winfield in mind.

In the election coming on April 9th, please support candidates that will support a commercial Roosevelt Road. The revenues Winfield earns from commerce on Roosevelt will help to build better school, library and park district programs as well as fund police services and pensions.

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